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Sailor Moon Series – First Art Piece

Hi guys !

Lately i’ve been into watching Sailor Moon Crystal and i wanted to paint a fanart series based on it. A while back, as i was diggin’ through my stuff in the basement, i stumbled upon some really old file folders, which judging from their thickness, were worth painting on. So i cut them in half, leaving me with two a4 size pieces each.



After transferring the sketch onto the paper, i outlined it with colored pencils.

Poza Sketch

If you’re wondering why the colors aren’t blending like they’re supposed to, it’s because the paper was a sucker for absorbing every drop of water it could get its hands on. 🙂

Poza Pictura

My colored pencils got a bit muddy after some layering; overall though, i’m kinda happy with the finished piece.

Final Piece

You can watch the entire painting process here:

Coming next, another Sailor Moon Crystal character. Yep, gonna do a whole series. 😉

Stay tuned and have a great day guys !