The cheap art supply challenge

Hello! ^o^

Lately i’ve been watching a lot of “cheap art supply challenge” videos on youtube and decided to give it a try as well.
I’m pretty familiar with using cheap art materials because that’s what i used in highschool and i still do now.For the past few years i had the chance to try better quality stuff too and i thought it will be fun to go back to cheaper materials just to see if it makes any difference.
The only things i bought especially for this challenge were the watercolors and the brushes.I still buy cheap art supplies when i have the chance that’s why i already had most of the stuff i used for this piece.

Here is a small list of my cheap art supplies and how much i paid for them:
Paper: 0.25$ from my local art supply store( i could have used a notebook cover but i use those as paper all the time)
Pencils: Ikea pencils are free( i get some everytime i go there xD)
Eraser:0,50$ ( i have cheaper erasers but this is what i use now and it’s still pretty inexpensive)
Masking tape: 1$ (this is what i use everytime i paint)
Liner: 0.25$ ( bought it from a little shop next to my house)
Brushes: 1$ from Carrefour’s kids section
Watercolors: 1.1$ from my local art supply store
Sakura gelly roll was the only “not so cheap” supply i used just because i couldn’t find something cheaper (1.5$)

Let’s talk a little bit about how this piece came to be.
The very first thing i did was to try out the watercolors.Here is the color chart


After that i made the drawing using my Ikea pencils.


The liner was ok,a bit dry but i bought it almost 1 year ago and for 0,25$ i think it did just great! ^_^


Now for the coloring part…the brushes had hard bristles and were eating through the wet paper while i was blending the colors so i had to be careful with them,other than that they weren’t that bad.As for the watercolors,i liked them.I added salt for the texture but it didn’t work out that great.The watercolors became sticky after 1 layer of color.Even so, i kept adding layers for more intense color.I’m not sure if it’s the paper’s fault or the watercolors’ but with every layer i risked lifting all of the color off the paper.In spite of that,i managed to layer enough color to make the piece look close to what i wanted it to look like.Sadly the Sakura gelly roll had a hard time working on this piece because of the sticky color,lifting some color too,that’s why the lines are not that smooth.Here is the final piece,hope you guys like it as much as i do! ^.^





Watch the video here: