Inktober Day 3

Hello everyone!

Today i will share more picture of my Inktober day 3 drawing 🙂

First of all,on the 3th of october i went to my local art supply store and bought some new stuff:
Sakura Pigma Micron Brush pen ,Copic drawing pen ( omg i love this thing),Copic Multi liner brush S,Uni-ball Signo white gel pen (so much better than my Sakura gelly roll pen!!) and Koh-I-Noor Drawing ink ( black) because i needed more stuff to ink with. It was my first time trying brush pens( i had a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen but it’s brush was broken so i couldn’t use it how was supposed to) and i really had fun with it.If you’re new to inking i suggest you try out Copic Drawing pen.Omg you guys that thing is great.I always had problems with inking my artwork but with this thing it’s so easy to work it!! I still need to play around with the Pigma Brush pen.The copic multi liner brush was amazing too and people are right when they say Uni-ball Signo is much better than Sakura gelly roll.The ink flows without problem and it’s really opaque,i like it a lot ^_^


The ink is cheap but works just great.I used it with a brush on my witch’s hat and the 2 bats.( i painted them separately on another piece of paper,cut them out and glued them on top of my drawing 🙂

inktober3Watch the video here: 


The cheap art supply challenge

Hello! ^o^

Lately i’ve been watching a lot of “cheap art supply challenge” videos on youtube and decided to give it a try as well.
I’m pretty familiar with using cheap art materials because that’s what i used in highschool and i still do now.For the past few years i had the chance to try better quality stuff too and i thought it will be fun to go back to cheaper materials just to see if it makes any difference.
The only things i bought especially for this challenge were the watercolors and the brushes.I still buy cheap art supplies when i have the chance that’s why i already had most of the stuff i used for this piece.

Here is a small list of my cheap art supplies and how much i paid for them:
Paper: 0.25$ from my local art supply store( i could have used a notebook cover but i use those as paper all the time)
Pencils: Ikea pencils are free( i get some everytime i go there xD)
Eraser:0,50$ ( i have cheaper erasers but this is what i use now and it’s still pretty inexpensive)
Masking tape: 1$ (this is what i use everytime i paint)
Liner: 0.25$ ( bought it from a little shop next to my house)
Brushes: 1$ from Carrefour’s kids section
Watercolors: 1.1$ from my local art supply store
Sakura gelly roll was the only “not so cheap” supply i used just because i couldn’t find something cheaper (1.5$)

Let’s talk a little bit about how this piece came to be.
The very first thing i did was to try out the watercolors.Here is the color chart


After that i made the drawing using my Ikea pencils.


The liner was ok,a bit dry but i bought it almost 1 year ago and for 0,25$ i think it did just great! ^_^


Now for the coloring part…the brushes had hard bristles and were eating through the wet paper while i was blending the colors so i had to be careful with them,other than that they weren’t that bad.As for the watercolors,i liked them.I added salt for the texture but it didn’t work out that great.The watercolors became sticky after 1 layer of color.Even so, i kept adding layers for more intense color.I’m not sure if it’s the paper’s fault or the watercolors’ but with every layer i risked lifting all of the color off the paper.In spite of that,i managed to layer enough color to make the piece look close to what i wanted it to look like.Sadly the Sakura gelly roll had a hard time working on this piece because of the sticky color,lifting some color too,that’s why the lines are not that smooth.Here is the final piece,hope you guys like it as much as i do! ^.^





Watch the video here:


Blade & Soul Fan art

Hello everyone! 😀

Today’s post will be about a Blade and Soul fan art i did for one of my friends in game.
The character’s name is Oana. Here’s a picture of it 🙂OanaMy first mistake this piece was that i was too lazy to do thumbnail sketches or color studies of it,starting off with the A4 sketch.The sketch was done using a red colored pencil.

B&S sketch

After i transfered the sketch onto the paper(cover of a notebook) i drew on top of the lines with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil(i normally transfer only the important lines of my sketch onto the paper), then outlined it using multiliners (0.1mm and 0.3mm).

B&S lineart2

Here’s a picture of all the materials I used for the coloring part.

Untitled_Artwork (1)


The ” Koh-I-Noor watercolors” are just some watercolors I made myself out of Kooh-I-Noor watercolor pencils and they worked out great! Sadly the paper was really bad but what can you expect from a notebook cover. v_v

And here’s the final piece! Hope you guys like it more than I do xD

B&S color

Down below you can watch my painting process in 2 parts:

Part 1 “Lineart”


And part 2 “Color”


^_^ See you soon!






X-Men: Apocalypse ~Storm speedpaint~

Hello! ^o^

I have a new speedpainting for you guys and it’s a fanart of Storm from X-Men: Apocalypse. Here are some step by step pictures of the drawing.(Watch the video process for details)

Storm sketch1.The sketch

Storm skin2.Skin and hair

Storm back13. The cape

Storm back24. On top of the drawing i added a blue to orange gradient layer with 60% opacity.I set the layer blend to “color dodge”

Storm back35. Added texture using the “flicks” and “drip” brushes.

File 22-06-16 05 08 39A picture of my layers.

You can watch the speedpainting here:

Have a great day guys! ^.^

Speedpaint~Markers and colored pencils artwork~

Hello! ^o^

I decided to post the color study and the Promarkers chart used in my recent traditional art video. I didn’t have much to work with because most of my markers were dried out and some of them died while coloring the piece.

The paper I used was a really thin one,the cover of some old white paper notebook ( i cannot call that a sketchbook).The cover was as thin as the papers inside,maybe even thinner than normal printer paper.

005The sketch was done right onto paper using Staedtler red lead with a 0.5mm technical pencil.

PinkHere is the color chart.The E21 and R20 are my only Copic markers.


And my color study.I can’t say the colors blended well but i tried -^_^-. I had to layer most of my colors on a pastel yellow/pastel pink base to mute them a bit,especially the reds.

chart2At the end I outlined the drawing with a brown colored pencil and a bit of 0.1 and 0.3 Copic Multi Liner and added some details using colored pencils.The highlights were done using Sakura gelly roll pen.The bubbles were done using Sakura Souffle pen and cheap glitter pens.

Aaaaand the finished piece ^o^

Pink2And here is the video process.Enjoy! ^_^





Captain America: Civil War ~ Winter Soldier~

Hello guys! ^_^
Recently I had the chance to test the iPad Pro& the Apple Pencil using the Procreate app and because i really enjoyed the latest Captain America movie i decided to draw the character of Bucky Barnes. This is my first finished piece done on the Ipad Pro,I still have much to learn 🙂

Winter_SoldierYou can watch the speedpaint here


Sailor Moon Series – First Art Piece

Hi guys !

Lately i’ve been into watching Sailor Moon Crystal and i wanted to paint a fanart series based on it. A while back, as i was diggin’ through my stuff in the basement, i stumbled upon some really old file folders, which judging from their thickness, were worth painting on. So i cut them in half, leaving me with two a4 size pieces each.



After transferring the sketch onto the paper, i outlined it with colored pencils.

Poza Sketch

If you’re wondering why the colors aren’t blending like they’re supposed to, it’s because the paper was a sucker for absorbing every drop of water it could get its hands on. 🙂

Poza Pictura

My colored pencils got a bit muddy after some layering; overall though, i’m kinda happy with the finished piece.

Final Piece

You can watch the entire painting process here:

Coming next, another Sailor Moon Crystal character. Yep, gonna do a whole series. 😉

Stay tuned and have a great day guys !